Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Adult Stem Cell Therapy for Orthopedic Conditions

Adult stem cell therapy injections at our Bend area clinic are a groundbreaking treatment for orthopedic injuries and other common causes of musculoskeletal pain, osteoarthritis, back or neck injury and knee, shoulder or joint pain —and, in many cases, it may be the preferred alternative to orthopedic surgery. That’s an important consideration if you’re an athlete who needs to regain full functioning post-injury, or even if you just don’t want a prolonged recovery period.

Adult stem cell therapy injections for knee, shoulder and joint pain requires no incisions, no sutures, and is an outpatient process performed at Bend Regenerative Medicine.


Adult Stem Cell Therapy is quickly becoming an accepted treatment by orthopedic physicians and provided by Dr. Flattery at Bend Regenerative Medicine. Mesenchymal stem cells can be harvested from an individual’s own fat or from umbilical or placental cells. These cells and growth factors go through the same standards as blood for donation in the US. In our clinic we only use cells from an FDA regulated US publicly traded biotech company.  At our Bend clinic, Adult Stem Cell Therapy Injections for orthopedic conditions is showing remarkable results for people who want to avoid surgery and relieve their knee, shoulder or joint pain.

At Bend Regenerative Medicine Stem Cells are combined with other growth factors that have been studied to aid in the regenerative process. This addition has been shown to be more effective in the repair and remodeling of tissues than stem cell injection alone.  After injection the stem cells monitor the local chemical environment and respond by secreting exosomes (chemical messengers) to activate local dormant stem cells, as well as attracting other cells into the area.  The specific exosomes released are a direct reflection of the micro environment to which they have been injected.  These cells and their respective exosomes work together by directing cellular and growth factor activity in the area ultimately stimulating a patient’s innate biological healing mechanism.  This is the most holistic natural treatment, actually healing the tissues causing dysfunction and pain. Nothing could be better.  It is just common-sense medicine and is now practiced at many medical and research institutions throughout the US.

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If you’re facing orthopedic surgery and would like to have a consultation to consider non-invasive treatments, give us a call. You’re welcome to visit with Dr. Flattery for a consultation or to schedule your stem cell therapy injection appointment to start healing.